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Welcome to the Tietz-Jeschke and Ganthner-Kurtz family Genealogy
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This site documents information about the Tietz and extended family genealogy from 1800 to present. We began this project in April 2010, carrying on the work of Rueben Adolf Tietz.  Members can read Rueben's rememberance of both of these family histories.

Persons still living are shown only as "Private", all personal information is hidden to the public. We are gathering only publicly available information, to include Name, Date of Birth & Death, Place of Birth & Death, relationship dates, offered pictures, and offered commentaries or stories provided by family members. No other personal information is recorded unless allowed by that individual.

If you can help us in our research, please send comments or corrections to the contact listed at the bottom of this page. To request access to see full information or if you have forgotten your password, click the "login" link at the top of this page for more information.

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Most Referenced Sources:

1. "A Genealogy of Tietz - Jeschke and Ganthner - Kurtz Families", by Rueben Adolf Tietz - April 1997

2. "The Family History of John Jr. and Emilie (Treichel) Tietz", by Ruth Tietz DeNault. Permission granted to reprint of the Germans from Russia Heritage Collection, North Dakota State University Libraries, Fargo, ND

3. Odessa Digital Library - 1 Oct 2002 http://www.odessa3.org, author Elli Wise

4. Luft - Tietz Genealogy Pages (reference to many of the Tietz famlies.  Source used by permission)

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